sabato 15 gennaio 2011


rokus2000 is the web-pseudonym of Ron Roelandt.
Ron is Dutch but lives in Italy since 1997. And he feels at home there. Photography is one of his hobbies.

On November 1, 2010 Ron moves from Trento to Calderara di Reno, near Bologna. This is the moment to realise a project that he has in mind: to make every day at least one photo and thus literally creating an image of the time. The project is called simply 'Oggi', which means 'today'.

Other blogs by Ron:
- Ron fa... (Italian)
- Italianismi (Dutch-Italian)
- Rondetijd (Dutch)
- Ron terug in de tijd (Dutch, a selection from the Volkskrant-blog)
- Ron fa... (Dutch, Volkskrant-blog that is probably to be stopped on March 1, 2011)

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